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SimFlex roller shutters, glazed rolling doors and decorative rolling grilles, developed for retail and commercial applications. Primarily for shopping centres and other public enclosed areas wherever people and spaces need to be divided.


The products can be offered with counterbalanced spring & lock operation, or for those of a wider span or out of reach height we offer motorised operation with emergency manual over-rides. The SimFlex range includes high strength steel roller shutters up to 7m high, glazed models, using thick Lexan polycarbonate sheets, plastic linked grilles for bar tops, steel or aluminium tube and link brickbond grilles and perforated steel roller shutters.

SimFlex's range provides flexible solutions to storefront security and design.

With twenty different roller shutter models from solid, perforated, open grille or glazed, the SimFlex range is one of the most comprehensive for securing storefront entrances or anywhere you have a need to close off an area securely.

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