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SGT&L Tube & Link Aluminium Rolling Grille

Curtain Construction & Weight

Brickbond pattern slots creating windows of approximately 260mm x 45mm or Inline pattern slots creating windows of approximately 110mm x 76mm. Weight 10.5kg m2.

Bottom Bar & Guides

The bottom bar consists of a mild steel 75mm x 51mm ‘T’ Bar or 31mm x 68mm ‘L’ section.

Guides are 50mm/ 65mm/ 75mm x 32mm x 3mm dependant on width.
Electric shutters require 50mm x 50mm steel box section (both sides) used to allow for motor unit and safety brake. A 76mm x 50mm box section will be used for shutters over 160kg in weight.

Shutter Hoods

Steel end plates with a preformed 2-piece aluminium hood.
Shutter hood ranges from 250mm to 365mm subject to the size of the shutter.

A SimFlex Rolling Grille
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