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SG77GD Solid Aluminium Garage Door Roller Shutter

Curtain Construction & Weight

77mm x 19mm foam filled insulated double skinned aluminium roll formed lath. Weight 7.1kg/m2

Bottom Bar & Guides

The bottom bar is 77mm x 19mm twin walled extruded aluminium with bottom rubber.
Guides are either 75mm or 90mm x 35mm (subject to shutter size) including 2 brush strips to seal against the lath. Guides are supplied in White or Brown and can be powder coated to colour match the curtain at an additional cost.

Shutter Hoods

Die cast aluminium end plates, that locate into the side guides, with 2 piece roll formed aluminium casing. For heavier doors the end plates will be zinc plated steel for additional strength. Shutter hood ranges from 300mm to 360mm subject to the size of the shutter.

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