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Impact (Polycarbonate) Glazed Sliding/ Folding Shutter 

With 3mm thick polycarbonate panels, this high performance sliding shutter offers excellent visibility and exceptional protection. Perfect for any application requiring maximum visibility and secure closing.

Curtain Construction

The top and bottom of each panel section is fitted with a 102mm high aluminum panel. This panels consists of an aluminium extrusion 2mm thick. It is connected into extruded hinge cleats with a 15% offcut to facilitate folding. The curtain is constructed of 152mm wide modules linked together by a continous aluminium hinge. These hinges hold different curtain designs created by using infills, eg. Lexan polycarbonate, solid aluminium or grille panels arranged in a chequer plate design. (Lexan is a trademark of GE Polymers).


Allow 95mm per linear metre of Impact Sliding Shutter, then add 76mm for each post member (lead, intermediate or end posts). Approximates to about 15% of Impact Sliding Shutter length.



A SimFlex Impact Shutter
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