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Flexguard Sliding/ Folding Grille

Curtain Construction

The top and bottom of each panel section is fitted with a 102mm high aluminium panel. This panel consists of an aluminium extrusion 2mm thick. It is connected into extruded hinge cleats with a 15° off set to facilitate folding. The curtain is constructed from 12mm aluminium tubes centred on a solid core which are connected across their span via a 125mm wide x 25mm high decorative plate. PLEASE NOTE – these are open grilles and can be accessible by arm/ hands.

Overhead Track

Manufactured from a strong tempered aluminium alloy class 6351 –T6 Extrusion, 34mm wide x 42mm total height.


Lock members are integral 50mm x 32mm standard extruded aluminium hollow posts. They are at both ends of each grille, at intervals of 2500mm maximum on full height doors and at 1500mm spacing (approx) on counter tops. Additional posts to support curves as necessary. Lead posts incorporate Adams Rite mortice locks operated by 5-pin cylinders on each side. Intermediate posts incorporate drop bolts locating into flush floor sockets. Drop bolts can be deadlocked with 5 pin cylinders.

A SimFlex Sliding / Folding Grille
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