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Aeroflex Perforated Sliding/ Folding Shutter

The micro-perforated steel panels allow some airflow together with a degree of transparency.

Curtain Construction

The top and bottom of each panel section is fitted with a 102mm high aluminum panel. This panels consists of an aluminium extrusion 2mm thick. It is connected into extruded hinge cleats with a 15% offcut to facilitate folding. The curtain is constructed of 152mm wide modules linked together by a continous aluminium hinge. These hinges hold different curtain designs created by using infills, eg. tempered glass, Lexan polycarbonate, soldi aluminium or grille panels arranged in a chequer plate design. (Lexan is a trademark of GE Polymers).


Allow 95mm per linear metre of Aeroflex Sliding Shutter, then add 76mm for each post member (lead, intermediate or end posts). Approximates to about 15% of Aeroflex Sliding Shutter length.



A SimFlex Sliding / Folding Shutter
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